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I was fortunate to first find Nick back in 2008 as an affiliate to work on Royal London’s groundbreaking Moneyvista project. His deep expertise in practical financial planning was invaluable in creating an holistic service which has still to be matched by any other robo-adviser. His combination of technical knowledge, work within financial institutions and as an examiner, gives him a unique perspective on “what good looks like” in terms of genuinely consumer-centric solutions. He was also my go-to affiliate at PA Consulting to deliver an accreditation process for a Life Cos salesforce – “over-delivering” with a fine critique of the planning tools being used! A great guy to work with and highly recommended for any financial planning, proposition development or quality assurance work.

Vaughan Jenkins
Moneyhub; NEST Corp; Akoni (advisory)

Nick’s technical ability and languages skills (French) made him the perfect guy to lead and manage all the product development required by our new opened Paris office. Nick has high energy in pressured delivery environments.

John Owen
Divisional Director – Partner Services

Nick’s knowledge of product, regulatory and tax issues across the full range of financial products is unrivalled. What creates the real value is his understanding of how to apply this to solve real life issues for clients. Awesome!

David A. Norman TCF Investment @tcfDAN
Experts in passive fund due diligence. Creators of low cost multi-asset solutions. Expert in Investment P&P build.